WOW Wrath of the Lich King Service

We offer honest, fast and affordable WOW power leveling services. We level your character through questing, not through grinding. By that way, your characters get power leveled up as fast as possible. Quests are all cleared and you also get more gears and World of Warcraft gold. All gears and WOW gold looted during the process are 100% kept in your bags. We keep our price as low as possible to our reliable customers. At that minimum we are able to keep our service at peak of quality to deliver to our customers for any cent they pay.


Excellent Customer support. Fast response, all day long service in years. You can take relax while your characters are do Wotlk power leveling with us. We have great in-game support, do not hesitate to PM us from your another account and make sure that you have confirmed with us that is one of your accounts.

Igxe will offer you the safest and fastest Wotlk power leveling service for all the players. Our most reliable, affordable and safest power leveling service, catering for gamers’ leveling demands in Wrath of the Lich King, We distinguishably stand out in the crowd of WOW power leveling service providers. Because of we have the professional and skillful power levelers, specialized in WOW power leveling service and we focus on account safety, reliable and customer’s satisfaction.

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