WOW The new areas for new races

The new areas for these two new races will not be any harder than any other race because all races are getting newly designed start areas. This is going to make using a in game horde leveling guide a huge advantage.


First, let us have a look at PvE and PvP: 25-player raid leaders will have the possibility to split down the raid into a maximum of three 10-player raids. This is to allow players to continue a raid even if someone has left the group. 10-player raids cannot, however, is converted into a 25-player raid.

Cataclysm will include a new “auto-quest” mechanic, allowing players to pick up the next quest in a chain without having to go back to the original quest giver, or start on quests simply by entering an area or killing specified units.

And then the talents: Extensive revisions to the talent system: talent trees are cut down to 31-point talents. Players will gain a talent point about every two levels up to 80, instead of every level, and then 1 every level after 80 for a total of 41 talent points at level 85.

Selecting a primary talent tree is unlocked at level 10 and a tree must be chosen before talent points can be spent can be spent in it. This will provide passive bonuses and a unique active ability. Players will be unable to spend talent points in a secondary tree until they have invested 31 points in your primary tree (at roughly level 70).

Many passive talents with generic bonuses, such as increased critical strike chance, damage reduction or increased healing, and specifically those that provide bonuses to buffs and perhaps debuffs, are being removed.

I hope players can get some useful information from this article and can enjoy the game fully.

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