WOW the Background Story

Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, though, can hardly be recognized as what they once were after Deathwings arrival. Deep scars corrugate the Barrens and divide vast areas of the land. Lava is erupting from underneath the surface and large areas of the land are barely recognizable: Thousand Needles is now under water, huge areas of Feralas have been hit by the flood as well. The dam in Loch Modan is destroyed, leaving the Wetlands vulnerable to masses of water unlike anything the people living in the once relatively peaceful area had ever seen. Preventing this outburst of anger from happening is now impossible. But the battle against Deathwing and the potential destruction he could still unleash has just begun.


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This article provides a brief guide to the background story of Cataclysm. For more advanced details and gaming strategies in this area, the Killer Guides WoW Cataclysm Guide comes highly recommended. If you prefer guides that take you through the game step-by-step, check out Vivi\’s Cataclysm Guide or Uma\’s Guide. “Burning Azeroth to the ground” in this case can be understood quite literally by the way. After Deathwing spent centuries in his hidden lair in the underground realm of Deepholm, he returned to Azeroth to stir fear and suffering amongst its inhabitants. To accomplish his goal he strikes at the very center of Azeroth, leaving Outland and Northrend untouched.

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