WOW Mists of Pandaria Tanking

Most players love tanking in WoW, so tanking changes are vital to them. Tanks give out much more damage than before. They can give out as much as a DPS player in AOE situations. Also, tanks take use of a model with a fresh and active defense. It takes different approaches for per class. However, you should look at your resources and cooldowns in mitigating damage that we used to be. Usually, this is a smart switch, even though it demands more taming before it is doing the job.


What’s more, the last significant change is the way block works. Blocks are changed a lot in Mists of Pandaria beta. It now happens as a separate roll after determining if an attack misses or is dodged or parried. Block also is subject to diminishing returns. It means that it will not be capped. All in all, tanks will suffer a lot of damage, which ties into the active mitigation in World of Warcraft.

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