WOW Levels and Gold of Grind

You can have a try of the methods before you find your own way to level up. I have been using the Wow leveling guide for a long time. I have really found some good ways to make money and gain levels. The guide has helped me a lot and I am now a high level character in World of Warcraft.


The more mobs you kill the more XP you will get. You will get your character leveled before long. Some players like to use the Wow level addon to get the character leveled. You will easily make a lot of money by keeping and selling items like Lifeless Stones, Jagged Pieces of Stone and Smooth Stone Chips.

The more money you get the better mount you can buy. You will save a lot time if you have a mount. The mount can help you travel faster and get your powerful in the game. Players should have their own mount but that need gold. The players should have their own way to gain levels.

There is a superb drop rate of the Elemental Earth. Deeprock Salt and Solid Stone will be used in the crafting. If you have the crafting profession you can use this material. When you are not patient enough to wait for your mount, you can go to this place to grind levels and money. You will have the great area to make sure your amount for your mount.

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