WOW Historical Westmarch Reaper of Souls

westmarch-history0What first comes to mind when one thinks of Westmarch, the first zone players will encounter in Reaper of Souls? From the home base of an eponymous order of knights to an architectural wonder built of monuments to King Rakkis’s conquests, it is a city steeped in tales both heroic and bloody.


But what of its founding? Or the secrets that drove King Rakkis to be buried in a fetid swamp rather than his shining capital? It is said that the best preparation for the future is to study the past, so let’s take a closer look at these legends as we steel ourselves for the impending destruction and chaos of Malthael, the Angel of Death.

Blizzard has posted an article detailing the historical origins of Westmarch, the setting for Act Five in Reaper of Souls. If you’ve looked through the Book of Tyrael this will all be familiar since the origins of Westmarch are extensively documented in that book, but this is a good primer for fans who don’t know of the lore.

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