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As it stands now shadow resistance is only useful in a few select fights in dungeons and very high end instances. It’s a nice bonus but don’t worry to much about it. Given the other lackluster racials of dwarfs and Night Elves this probably makes Draenei the best race to play as a hunter if you want to be a member of the Alliance. Heroic Presence alone makes them one of the best race in the game.


Heroic Presence
Increases chance to hit by 1% for you and all party members within thirty yards. This is probably the best racial ability a Draenei has. Hit is very important to a hunter and it is especially good when grouping with other melee characters(WoW powerleveling) like rogue and warriors. Your pet will also get the effect as well which can help considerably with DPSing.

Automatic + 5 skill(buy wow gold) to Gemcutting. This is like the other crafting racial. They aren’t terribly useful and have no specific benefits to a particular class.

Shadow Resistance
Increases shadow resistance by 10.

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