WOW Gold Farmers

All try to coax the play in spending real currency on virtual gold. A seemingly good trade off if you have money to burn and less time to spare in farming gold. Blizzard starting halfway into the Burning Crusade introduced daily quests and later money sinks in the form of expensive vanity items and even upped gold earned from quests.Even now if you quest on a capped out character you gain gold instead of the wasted experience. Gold is in honest insanely easy to earn now. But the market is still there. Now to the average player, whether or not your guildie or friend buying gold isn’t the issue as much as the constant spamming and presence of them, breaking the immersion of a full on virtual world. Some choose to grit their teeth and ignore them. But some wish to slow down their presence. Here are some tips you can try if you decide to go on a gold seller rampage.


Were you in a raid or a group in an instance, or just hanging around town talking when suddenly out of nowhere a wall of broken, almost robotic English fills your chat window? Then you were hit with a spam message. Aside from being annoying, these tells can be highly distracting as they cover up group text and make you look simply because you thought a person you knew was asking something.The upside to this is that because they sent a tell directly, they are now eligible for the report spam function. Right clicking on the person’s name will show a list of options; one option is to ‘report for spam’. The option to just ignore the user is there as well, but that option is more useful for players that you may have the misfortune of encountering again.

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Making separate tabs for your say and tell boxes to filter out tells and messages from guild, friends list, or trade chat can be very helpful. Right clicking on the chat tab will open up options to make separate widows and layer them together with new tabs. This makes it so tells wont overwhelm important things like a group warning you that you are sitting in fire!Farmers have gotten smarter by having their characters hack underneath the visible world, tapping nodes while on the world proper players would land to a node only to see it’s gone. There’s a method to fix this. If the area you are in is not so populated you can do a /who of the area. Then going down the list do a /target of the names. If you land on a character frame that flickers as soon as you pull it up you may indeed have your bot. /report to help them to a ban.

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