World of Warcraft Westmarch of Secret History

Near Westmarch lay a treasure far more valuable than anything Rakkis had procured during his campaign. After his coronation, the king spent many years of his reign wandering the cyclopean ruins that lay forgotten beneath the adjacent marsh. At his behest, King Rakkis was laid to rest within it after his death. It was whispered by some that the ruins were not those of just any civilization, but rather, a lost city of the Nephalem.


This location holds undeniable power, and few have managed to pry secrets from its ancient corridors. The greatest quality the lost city is said to possess, however, is remarkable warding against the trespass of both angels and demons. Mentions of this warding were well hidden, but the new mortal Aspect of Wisdom, Tyrael, learned of the ancient protection in a time of great need. Seeking a place of refuge on Sanctuary for the Black Soulstone, he planned on using these ruins to hide the terrible artifact, shielding it from both demonic and angelic intervention alike. With power of the Prime Evil stored within the stone’s murky facets, not even the High Heavens could be trusted with its safekeeping.

Generally speaking, if one were to carve a vast nation from the wilderness, the least appealing location to build one’s new home would be next to a sprawl of fetid marshes. Yet, that is precisely what Rakkis did when he chose the location for his nation’s capital. Was there an ulterior motive? Surely there must have been, as the site would later draw forth the interest of not one, but two independent members of the Angiris Council.

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