World of Warcraft Rare items

Blizzard is a very powerful skill, talent Riga radius of plus and minus mana deceleration, and then go to the field every Master AOE is the only way. Took a big wave of strange, back to the snow, then think how to do a Master is a matter of pride.


Beginning of World of Warcraft, always feel soft, dark green either registered account when the official website of low color, or walking in the game. I remember that time in the game’s background music skills very very realistic. Eyes seemed forced immersive. A deceleration forty-five seconds Bingjian piercing away, seize the time to read two fireball, fireball on the DOT, monster covered with water stains and braved the smoke coming toward us, put on the air after this set of basic blue, France and other monsters into battle fiercely a knock in the head.

Then the wheat fields in the open water, and then does not always lead to the edge of the Scarecrow carefully. Then half blue and half-blood running in the cornfield. Then ran across the road just found the monster would go back, but rarely ran path, then a dozen deceleration level mobs will hit you dizzy.

Amount of time is very precious blue, often reluctant to do back to the blood of bread, an addition of the blue to do in water. Encounter blue career, the water is the best gift. Still remember the first gift to send out is a small water bottle, half pipe blue do two, you bottle me a bottle.

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