World of Warcraft Rakkis of The Rise

Rakkis’s popularity proved a double-edged sword, however, as Tassara began to consider the general a potential threat to his own rule. Thus, he ordered Rakkis to venture west and spread the Zakarum faith through conquest.


As this crusade tore across the land, Rakkis’s army faced steep resistance, especially from the nation of Ivgorod and the barbarians of Mount Arreat. Despite these setbacks, Rakkis eventually banded together nine warring clans of the subcontinent under his banner, slowly integrating the Zakarum faith into their culture. This new force allowed him to crush the remaining resistant natives of the south.

Soon after his ascension, competitors for Tassara’s throne banded together in an attempt to overthrow the emperor before his position was fully secured. Anticipating this insurrection, Tassara enlisted the help of one of the most zealous Zakarum converts and a skilled military general: Rakkis. The exploits of Rakkis echo through the annals of history, but it is important to note that his undeniable strength and his series of victories to protect the crown were an inspiration to the common folk.

Soon, it came time for the general to claim proof of his deeds. To this end, he declared the land he seized Westmarch, in honor of the task to which Tassara had assigned him. Its capital, which would share the same name, was settled as a river port, and its convenient proximity to the sea allowed the city to quickly flourish into the mighty martial and mercantile power it is today.

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