World of Warcraft Pets Twilight Fiendling

There can only be one menace on this planet . . . and that’s me! Therefore, your orders are to head to Twilight Highlands and capture not one, but three of these specimens for me to extermin—err, I mean examine for, uhh, research purposes. Yeah, that’s it! And I don’t want ones that are weak or malnourished—I want you to bring back only the finest in quality! Do this for me, and I might just stop referring to you as maggots and upgrade you to urchins!


Horrors are not uncommon in this world. From the watery expanse of the Abyssal Depths to the darkened halls of Karazhan, manifestations of corrupted dreams creep in the darkness searching for hosts to sate their parasitic tendencies. But many don’t know of the nests of fiends that skitter to and fro across the stained earth in Twilight Highlands. Twilight Fiendlings—to be more specific—are vicious freeloaders that aimlessly seek small prey from which they can draw life with their toothy little mouths. Prey like your face!

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