World of Warcraft new mounts mop

Added dozens of new mounts, part horse and domineering style gorgeous, but the method is also simple to obtain. Which star horse [ember Pimu mountain beast reins] requires players to first use the 2500 exchange coins endless eternal suffering censer itself into the state of all hostile camp, kill other players, and their bodies were picked up from the bloody coin horse conversion price of up to 500. Details, please visit Atlas, below the picture of the horse approach with annotation.


The official new expansion Mists of Pandaria will online soon, now world of warcraft already enter the transitional period of patch 5.4. In this period, players can enjoy the sharing of mounts and achievements function. This is mean as long as the characters under the same account will share the mount, pet and achievements, so to players who have multiple accounts, each role can share the new awesome rare wow mounts and the pet in Mists of Pandaria; it is a big exciting thing.

However, this welfare of account share function was used by some people to sell for profit, through copy mount account; blizzard officials already issued a statement that will crack this illegal action down, and for the relating accounts, they will check and processing and give dealing result. It is understandable that rare mount pet always pursue by some collecting control players, such account for many players are very attractive. But it accounts still under ID card of sellers in theory, so if seller want it back, they always have the rights, so the risk is very big. In addition, selling and buying copy mount account also against the normal order of the game. Players should aware of this is a dangerous business, stop it immediately can avoid to suffer from unexpected losses.

Although players are eager to have new wow mounts in Mists of Pandaria, it also suggest to through normal and safe method. Such as buying enough wow gold from, this site is offer safe wow gold for over six years; players can relax buying as much as they need to buy mounts in game. As far as we know from the present information, new mounts have China elements, dragon, tiger and leopard; all of them are very resplendent and dazzling. And some rare stuff in the past wow version will turn to regular goods, so that players can get it easily. That is why this is a good season to stock wow gold, anything in Mist of Pandaria will become hot, if player have sufficient wow gold, they can have it at once.

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