World of Warcraft Horde Guide

Blood Elves-This race is known for its magical powers. Once believed to be a part of the race of High Elves, they have since changed and become members of the Horde faction. These elves are perfect for players who prefer to fight not with their might but rather their brains. The skills associated with Blood Elves include the Arcane Torrent which silences enemies within eight yards, the Mana Tap which will drain the energy of their enemies and their ability to reduce the efficacy of magic spells cast against a group.


Orcs-This is a very popular race due to their fighting abilities While they may not be very limber, they sure come in handy in the middle of a battle. The traits assigned to orcs include Blood Fury, where they increase the efficacy of an attack on an opponent or slow their opponent’s healing. They also have the trait of Hardiness which helps them resist attacks as well as axe specialization.

Tauren-These bull-like creatures are very powerful and well suited for those who prefer melee fighting to casting spells. They are incredibly effective warriors and do well in battle situations. Their traits include the War Stomp, where they are able to stun their opponents as well as the Endurance trait which helps them resist attacks from opponents. This is a great race for those who aren’t quite sure where they want to start and they have enough power to be effective for a new player.

Undead-Known as the Forsaken for the playable race, these are very powerful fighters who are also capable of using spells quite handily. This is a good race for those who prefer a combination of fighting skills. Their traits include the Will of the Forsaken, which can keep them from fear, needing to sleep or the inability to become charmed as long as it is activated. Other traits include Shadow Resistance and Underwater Breathing.

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Trolls-Currently, the only kind of troll that is a playable character is the Darkspear Race. They are very handy in a fight situation and many players prefer them due to their large size and incredible power. Their racial traits include Beserking, where they can unleash an awesome attack on their enemies as well as Regeneration and Beast Slaying.

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