World of Warcraft Guide for Mage of Cataclysm

In order to help you more with your leveling process, I would like to list a basic leveling spec for each spec, but the task for you is understand of that all the specs are entirely suitable to your own preference and game playing. There are some WoW Mage leveling guide tent to incorporate talents which are special adapt to solo play and leveling, containing some idealess at the end of game. But here I suggest you to pick up what you like while leveling, and don’t worry about which point should go where too awfully much. When you have reached the level 85, you will be switching specs and redoing your build, and at this time, you would worry about the details.


Here I will make a conclusion of this spec part of the WoW Mage leveling guide. The first is Arcane Blast, which is your highest damage rotation, but it burns your mana fast and burns more each time you cast in sequence. The second one is Arcane Barrage, which is the spell you cast on the move, at close range, and reset the Arcane Blast Stack. The third one is Arcane Missiles which you use to reset the stack. Although its mana cost nothing, it does little damage on your enemies. Arcane Explosion is your multi-target spell, but it requires you to be at close range. It is extremely powerful if you use it with an Arcane Blast. More information about WoW Mage leveling in Cataclysm would be updated.

I suggested the Arcane Barrage for you when playing an arcane mage early on, which is instant and powerful, and if you want to use it again, you would only wait for three seconds. Cast this leveling spec as often as it’s available. When you have reached the level 20, you would need Arcane Blast which would enter your spell book. For the next 60 levels, you would have your basic rotation set. As a mage, you should be opening every fight at range with this spec. And the Arcane Missiles procs and Arcane Barrages allow you to keep your mana.

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