World of Warcraft Gilneas of The Battle

The new zone will still (as far as we know) be home to a 40 player raid battleground, though given the downsizing of some of the other battlegrounds to be more manageable in the rated bg format it could go down to 25 players.


There’s a new map out that shows a much different picture than was expected. Originally all the speculation and crumbs of information pointed to a battleground setup that would use the terrain from the actual city of Gilneas that functions as the Worgen starting area. Now it seems that the battle will be focused on an area on the north end of the peninsula. No matter where you are, we can send cheap WoW gold to you as soon as possible in WoW world. So don’t worry the new zone will block your way of WoW buy gold.

The new Battleground’s layout is finally viewable, but most details remain shrouded in mystery. I think curious players can wait for a moment, you can first buy WoW gold and totally free WoW news, guide from our site. News zones of WoW can bring exciting to you, but still dangerous. Therefore, you’d better to prepare more WoW gold and suitable equipments. Our site has the cheapest WoW gold in gold supplier universe. Believe us, happy WoW! There has been much speculation about the objectives and layout of the “Battle for Gilneas,” the second of the new battlegrounds being introduced in Cataclysm.

Given the asymmetrical design of the map, we can make a few guesses about the nature of the format. This could likely be some sort of king of the hill area-control map similar to Eye of the Storm. This is all speculation however. We won’t know until more details are released or the zone becomes playable in the Beta!

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