World of Warcraft Cataclysm Guide for Review

Accumulated knowledge and tactics that they have found to work. What Uma has done is distill and gather into a cohesive whole. Leveling tips and detailed walkthroughs of quests to maximize your exp gain. The guide outright tells you what zones are best for leveling and which should be left for another time. It also covers the major mechanic changes and updates and how they effect you as the player. It is as updated as it can be with Cataclysm still being in beta. And I\’ll take them at their word that they will keep it updated, free of charge. Leveling guides are fairly common, and rather useful in a limited sense.


Often however, new players reach level cap and find themselves in a bit of a fix. End game content, especially raiding has rules of etiquette and conduct that may not be obvious. Uma\’s Cataclysm Guide takes the time to sit down and explain this to the reader. Any guide offering Cataclysm raid strategies is suspect as the boss fights have not been finalized. This guide does something that is ultimately more valuable, it tells you how to actually raid.

From how to gear to how to handle loot issues without them turning into a drama-fest. When you get down to it, simple information like that is far more important to your success then a slick boss strategy. I guess you could call them advanced strategies, most new players don\’t realize how important they are. Uma\’s WoW Cataclysm Guide has what every WoW strategy guide should. Good, detailed information that gives new players access to the more advanced play that normally only comes form experience.

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