World of Warcraft Battle Chest on sale

World of Warcraft Battle Chest on sale for $10

You, too, can experience being a blood elf death knight like every other death knight.

Are you one of the five people on the planet who does not own World of Warcraft in some form? It’s kind of been a big deal for the past several years. Having established that you do not already own the game, would you like to pick up the base game plus the first two expansions on the cheap? Even cheaper than their normal prices, that is? Because you have a chance to pick up the whole shebang for just $10 this week.

Normally the World of Warcraft Battle Chest bundle costs $20, but until April 23rd you can pick the whole thing up for half of that. The game also has a free trial you can play if you don’t want to take the risk of buying the game without knowing if you’ll like it, although at $10 it’s almost cheaper to just bite the bullet.

Call me picky but the monthly subscription charge is a big no no.  I did sub to wow for years on and off when it offered a decent value proposition.  It doesn’t now, its old rope and I was never impressed the way they reamed players with name changes and stupid pets.  Yes there are idiots who buy virtual items but  I ain’t paying any-more to Kotick’s escort fund.Content click Wow Powerleveling learn more detail.

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