WildStar extensive guide:how rune-crafting works

Runecrafting is a core profession in WildStar that is automatically available to every player at level 15 after doing a short quest. Unlike other professions, Runecrafting does not utilize skill trees or a leveling path. By default, you can earn Runecrafting components via monster loot and salvaging items throughout the game. You can assemble these parts into runes at each faction’s major city at the Engraving Station. Runecrafting serves as a primary method for customizing the stats on your gear in this way. At later levels, there are Rune Sets available that provide set bonuses for using certain amounts of specific runes.ws runecraftingAfter level 15, you’ll begin to notice that some of your gear comes with extra Rune Slots. There are 8 types of Rune Slots: Earth, Fire, Water, Omni, Air, Life, Logic, and Fusion. These types correspond to the type of elemental rune the slot will allow, with Omni allowing any of the 7 elements. The number and type of slots on your gear is completely random, even when purchased from vendors. Because of this, the power of gear can vary wildly, especially in Elder Game, allowing for opportunities to min/max your gear even if the same item drops.

Applying a rune to a rune slot is known as Engraving. To engrave a rune, you must first have an item with an open rune slot. Then, head to the Engraving Station in your capital city. When interacting with the Engraving Station, a UI window will appear with a list of the elemental rune types. wildstar-guideAfter selecting an element, a few nested lists will appear in the right area. These lists include the different types of runes you can make of that element. At lower levels, you can only make runes from the Attributes and PvP Attributes list. These runes will increase specific stats, but include no rune set bonuses. At later levels, you can create Class Rune Sets, General Rune Sets, PvP Rune Sets, and Elder Rune Sets.

Some gear you acquire will come with locked rune slots. Normally the first slot is unlocked. After filling the first slot with a rune, you can expand the dropdown on the next rune slot and choose the option to unlock it by spending some gold. Subsequent locked slots will require you to first fill the most recent unlocked one with a rune.

Notes:Runes and Runecrafting materials are used in just about all content areas of the game. They also play an integral part in the gearing process for veteran dungeons, raiding, and beyond. Because of this, Runecrafting materials are very valuable. Currently, max-level runes also require lower level rune materials. While rune materials are cumulative – that is, you will find high level and low level materials from mob looting and salvaging – it can prove difficult to gather everything you need, and in most cases a player will have to dedicate significant time and effort into hunting for these items.

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