Want to buy ELO Boost?

A lot of people ask us if buying elo is the same as buying an elo boost. We got a client a while back who asked if he could buy elo from us, and if we sold packages of rating that he could “cash in” in the league of legends store. We told him that sadly, we have to play on his account in order to raise his elo and that you cannot buy elo in the way he was thinking. In the end he ended up getting an elo boost from us, from gold 5 to platinum 5, and I’m very happy to say that after only 5 hours of coaching he managed to boost his own elo several divisions. It was really great to hear from him, and he messaged us today and told us that he got his own team and they are currently in platinum 4 and they are asking one of our team coaches to give them a couple of lessons so they will hopefully be able to get to diamond soon. Which brings me to my next point.

You do not have to buy elo to get out of elo hell (although more and more people do it, they are even asking for it on the official league of legends threads), you can watch the pro’s play, read guides (contact us for more information on guides) and you can buy coaching from some of the world’s top rated players, many of whom happen to work with us. Buying elo boosting is very common these days, and a great way to not have to play with flaming rage heads that makes league of legends a pain to play sometimes. Off topic, Greg “Sky” Williams has a pretty funny video about ranked draft mode you can watch here.

We are actually offering some cool things with both elo boosting and coaching, to get these discounts or “rewards” you need to speak to us on skype.

Buy elo:

1.      Buy more than 5 divisions when you purchase your elo boost and you get a discount.

2.      Spend more than 300usd while buying elo boosting and you can speak to us about getting a free coaching lesson.

3.      Like us on Facebook and leave a comment, we pick someone every week to get some free wins. You can find our new facebook group here.

Buy coaching:

1.      Buy 5 hours of coaching and get 1 hour for free.

2.      Buy more than 10 hours of coaching and get a free mini elo boost.

3.      Buy team coaching for a discount for all 5 of your teams members.

Please remember to speak to us on skype if you want to see if you are eligible and to cash in any of these rewards:)

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