The Burdens of Shaohao

The Burdens of Shaohao—Prelude: The Vision

In a new series of six dramatic shorts, we travel back to the time of the last pandaren emperor, a golden age before the land was enveloped by mist.

Ten thousand years ago in the ancient empire of Pandaria, Emperor Shaohao asked the Great Waterspeaker to peer into his future. He was eager to hear of the happiness and prosperity his rule would bring. What did the rippling waters foretell?

Journey into Pandaria’s history in “The Burdens of Shaohao—Prelude: The Vision.”

Good to see showmanship and fun coming back to the Blizzard community. Loved it absolutely, think the lore has been a lost project of the game, so many people don’t get with it much anymore. But LOVED this short and cant wait for the rest =D
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