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Winter Changes on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Players don’t switch between clubs only on the real life pitch. That also happens on FUT 15. Take a look at how the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter transfers work.


Advantage of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter transfers bring league/club possible combinations increase, which makes it easier for us to build squads with good chemistry.

You can have both the original and the new card you club but a squad can only have one of them. And Can a transferred player receive an upgraded card, Although EA Sports tries separating player transfers/player upgrades, there are rare cases in which the same player is both transferred and upgraded at the same time. In that case both situations are passed on to one single card.

How does the market behave with these new cards coming?

These new cards’ prices vary mostly according to their new scenario. When the player goes to a popular club, his new card’s price will start rising to even reach three times the original value, and only after a few days it’ll eventually get close to the old card’s value. Many times these changes don’t even benefit chemistry for when the player remains in the same league. However, some players’ emotional will lead them into paying many coins for a card that’s actually not that different.

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