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Purchase TOTY Players Available Now

It is every player’s dream that takes available TOTY players.Now is the chance to get
FIFA Ultimate Team Packs of Messi and Robbe economical and effective football players based on the market.

fifa15Neuer is the fist goalkeeper in the FIFA world. Except from SPE, his stats are more than 90. From the following figure, When the TOTY Neuer just came out, the price of Neueer doubled. If you purchased him at that time, it means that you spend double coins. Then his price is reducing. However, when the FIF pack opening ends, his price will rise again. If you want to get Neuer, you can buy him in three hours after he appears.If David Luiz is unexpected, Thiago Silva and Ramos FIFA 15 are the best defenser with over 95 DEF. They have enough strength to finish two matches. Most importantly, their PAC is 86, this is to say, they can catch up with most of strikers. Thus, their price will definitely rise. No mater you want to invest or build your team, Silva and Ramos is your good choices.

fifa 15As to the blue cards of Luiz and Lahm, I don’t recommend to use them to earn coins, because they have large coin market. They are easily replaced by new other player cards, resulting in their price falls. Of course, both of them are used for Ultimate Team building but for investment.
In the next, EA will release the blue cards of Midfielders and Strikers. As we all know, Ronaldo, Messi and Robben is rare but very expensive. Midfielder Midfielders are worth our investment in about 10 hours after they are launched..After a period of decline, their price will be back.
During the pack opening, we can invest in other players who are TOTY. When they is sold in the market, price must fall.
If you want to know something else about the TOTY, just click here.

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