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You Can Invite Your Friends To Explore The Realm Of Eorzea


Final Fantasy XIV, why not to invite your friends to explore the realm of Eorzea? you can start a adventure with a multitude of gamers. You will possess unique equipment as well as abilities, and then you have chance to battle with Final Fantasy XIV’s monsters. All the classic elements from the series that you have come to know and love are waiting. FFXIV4GIL is gamer’s top one supplier, you can visit here: http://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.04182

Final Fantasy XIV Unique Features
Cross-platform play on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC
Breathtaking musical score by renowned Final Fantasy XIV series composers
Incredible new graphics engine that delivers a high level of detail and quality on both the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC platforms
A flexible class system that allows players to change to any of the eighteen different classes on the fly, simply by swapping their equipped weapon or tool
All the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy XIV franchise, including an engaging storyline, genre-leading graphics, and HD real time cut scenes
Robust gameplay features such as player-run Free Companies, story-driven player-vs.-player content, and a unique summoning system, all designed to accommodate a dynamic player community

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. As Final Fantasy XIV the second expansion, and it will brings more new changs, in the hope of that would-be adventurers can experience all that FFXIV has to offer, do you intend to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil? I bet that you want to buy it.

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The Multiple Tribes Of Final Fantasy XIV Races


Final Fantasy XIV uses a system where your class is determined by the type of weapon you wield. For instance, assumption that you were a cook, and you would have found yourself wielding a cooking utensil. In addition, Final Fantasy XIV splits its races into multiple tribes. Previously, Square Enix mentioned the Hyur Midlander and Highlander tribes, here are more details: http://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.


Split into Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk types. The Dunesfolk live in desert and lead a nomadic herdsman life. The Plainsfolk reside in thatched-roof housing and are capable of hearing even faint footsteps.

Split into Midlander and Highlander types. Midlanders take up the majority of the population and exist throughout the land. The large-framed Highlanders originate from the northern highlands, but following the fall of their capital city of Aramigo have become a rare sight.

Split into Forester and Shader types. Foresters lived for hundreds of years deep in the forst, but in recent times have either adapted to city life or moved back to a nomadic life on the fields. Shaders resided in dark caves. Many still do so and have turned to thievery. The Shaders have disdain for the Foresters.

Split into Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon. The Seekers of the Sun are active during the day and believe in the god Arzema. The Keepers of the Moon are nocturnal and believe in the moon god Manefina.

Split into Seewolf and Lohengarde types. The Lohengarde live around a volcanic crater that they believe to be the gate to hell. They’re equipped in the magic arts. The Seewolf types came from the northern seas as pirates and are now seen working as sailers.

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How To Embark On Your Adventure In Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn offers a exhilarating adventure for gamers around the world, just like epic quests and battle with familiar Final Fantasy monsters, due to they are try to work together to help forge the fate of Eorzea. Embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring a land embraced by Gods, saving the realm of Eorzea. Are you now plan on buying cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil at u4gm.com?


Final Fantasy XIV Features And Key Content
exhilarating public battles—designed to bring players together
A breathtaking musical score that accompanies your adventures and changes
Robust and varied gameplay—such as Free Companies, story-focused missions
A flexible class system that allows players to change roles on the fly, simply by changing their equipped weapon or tool
All the hallmarks of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, including an engaging storyline, genre-leading graphics, and majestic music.

Explore vast, new lands, and challenge new Primal threats across Eorzea as you embark on hundreds of new quests as the Warrior of Light! There is no better time to buy cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil in ffxiv4gil.com, right now you can act out!

New dungeons
New areas to explore
A new primal – Lakshmi
New jobs, including red mage
The Forbidden Land of Eureka
New gear and crafting recipes
New alliance raid “Return to Ivalice”
Level cap increased from 60 to 70
New exploration with swimming and diving
New High-level Raid “The Bend of Time – Omega”
A fourth residential district Expanded item inventory and changes to the battle system

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