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FIFA 15 Servers Going Down

fixes stability issues

There are always the new reports that FIFA 15 servers either going down, or kicking people out of Ultimate Team services. Of course, EA servers aren’t down every day, but there are too much phenomena show that the FIFA 15 UT Price Range changes have some problems.


One recent comment landed with hundreds of others moments ago, in what first seemed like the FIFA 15 servers were down on March 19. While there had been a server glitch today, as well as other days this week, a few players summed up the state of play with the servers and they paint a disappointing picture that many would agree with.

This is what one FUT 15 fan had to say, “I keep getting kicked out of games and this doesn’t matter what I play. It takes around an hour to trade and list your players, also the price changes constantly and you lose thousands each time. EA need to spend some of the billions to servers that work much better”. This player and others use stronger words as well, like “EA are only interested in robbing you”, which while very unlikely paints a picture of thousands being upset right now.

Of course, there are some people complain matters, like goalkicks not having to leave the area, handball not working anymore. We are so glad to hear the comments from player about some obvious server problems. The FIFA 15 Price Ranges for FUT Transfer Market took place earlier this month and another update by EA fine-tuned them shortly after, and hoping FIFA 15 can get rid of plight by further updating.

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