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How to Buy Destiny Glimmer Online

Destiny will be released in September 9, 2014, It will provide many money-making opportunities during the normal course of play like other MMO. When you have limited time to play, though, even the fastest Glimmer farming techniques may seem too slow, not to mention boring. Astute vendors have stepped in to provide you with one more option for keeping up an in-game bank account while enjoying the thrill of raiding: you can buy Destiny Glimmer online with real-time money and have the Glimmer delivered to you in-game, often in a matter of minutes.

How to Buy Destiny Glimmer Online

1.Visit a Glimmer vendor website.

2.Select either a US or European server and choose PVP or PVE…and then Provide your Destiny character name and realm location.

3.Provide payment and contact information, including your phone number. A vendor may call to confirm your order prior to in-game delivery. The vendor may offer you an option to set a time frame during which you will be online to accept Glimmer

4.Log onto the Destiny character you specified to the vendor. Wait. An unknown player in-game will whisper to you regarding your purchase. The character will typically have a low level and will instruct you which major city to meet him in. Group with the character so that you can locate him on your mini-map and then go meet him.

5.When you meet the character, open a trade window. The character may ask you to put an item in to trade. Choose something of little value. The character will type in the Glimmer amount. Click Trade. When the character clicks trade, the trade window will close and the Glimmer will show up in your account. You can then leave the group.

The above steps are how the buy Destiny Glimmer working on Destiny-Store.com. Isn’t it easy ? Action speaks loudly then words ,so just check it out now! We are waiting for you !

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