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What ‘s New For Destiny’s Dark Below DLC ?

This week, Bungie has released a video trailer The Dark Below. In the video,we find that The Dark Below adds Strikes, Raid and Crucible maps. We urgently look forward to these new additions. Let’s learn about what is new for Destiny’s Dark Below DLC?

What 's  New For Destiny's Dark Below DLC ?

Embrace the darkness, brace yourself: the first proper piece of Destiny DLC is due on December 9. Bungie has released a video teasing The Dark Below (watch it below), which centres on the Hive’s attempt to resurrect an ancient god called Crota. Yeah, he’s referenced quite a bit in the main campaign.

How do you get hold of the DlC? The Destiny Expansion Pass, which sells separately, or as part of the game’s various special editions, unlocks access to the game’s first two planned expansions: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Are you ready for it?

Check out our extensive guides to make sure your Guardian is prepared… And click through to the next slide to learn all you need to know about the DLC.

See more introduction of Destiny The Dark Below at: destiny-store.com.

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