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Achievement List for FIFA 16 has been Revealed

For the achievement hunters, when a new game is nearing release they often look forward to the achievement lists being released. Today TrueAchievements have posted the ones for FIFA 16, based on the Xbox 360 release.

For those of you interested here are the achievements, the number in brackets is the game points. In total the 44 achievements provide 1000 gamepoints: (it’s a little long article, please read it patiently.)

- Can’t Touch This (15) Beat an opposing player using no touch dribbling

- Threading the needle (15) Assist a goal using a driven ground pass

- Take Aim (30) Have 100% shot accuracy in a match (10 shots minimum)

- I am the boss (15) Substitute your star player in a match (highest rated player in the team)

- I brought the ball (15) Have more than 65% possession in a match

- Fair Play (15) Finish a match without conceding a foul against you (offsides do not count)

- Around the wall (15) Score a goal with a curled shot from a free kick

- Set-piece specialist (15) Score 2 goals from a corner in a match

- It’s a lottery (15) Win a penalty shoot-out

- Go for it! (15) During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)

- Half-Time pep-talk (15) Win a match against the Legendary CPU after being down at half-time

Achievement List for FIFA 16 has been Revealed

- The Invincibles (80) Win all 4 matches in an Online Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team

- Testing the Waters (15) Win all 4 matches in a Single Player Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team

- Legacy in the making (30) First appearance of a player bought from the Transfer Market in Ultimate Team

- FUT 50 (105) Have a player score their 50th goal at the club in FIFA Ultimate Team

- No hard feelings, right? (15) Win a Friendly Season in FIFA Ultimate Team

- Trial offer (15) Sign a Loan Player from the EASFC Catalogue

- A loyal ally is hard to find (15) Buy a player from the FUT Transfer Market and earn his loyalty by playing 10 or more games with him

- Molded to perfection (15) Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT

- Trial of Power (15) Challenge and complete a match against the Team of the Week in FUT

- Class of ’16 (15) Win a division title in FUT Seasons

- Mutiny! (15) Change your captain in FUT

- Adding some context (15) Play a full match with the “FIFA Trainer” overlays turned on

- Dream-team in progress (30) Sign a world class player in manager Career mode (80+ rated)

- Going up? (25) Earn a Promotion in Seasons

- Friendship test (15) Finish an Online Friendlies Season

- Social craving (15) Share an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity

- Giving back (15) Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item

- All for myself (15) Purchase an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item

- We’re in the game! (15) Play a women’s football match

- New Silverware (25) Win the Women’s International Cup tournament

- 5 Star performance (15) Score 5 goals in a women’s football match

- I got this! (15) Perform a slide tackle and keep possession of the ball in a women’s football match

- Got flair? (15) Score a goal with Flair Shot in a women’s football match

- You Struck Gold! (25) Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 GTN player attributes

- Management at its best (50) Win a Trophy as a Team manager

- From zero to hero (30) Get your Play as Player to be featured in the Team of the Week

- Baby steps (15) Complete all Drills in FIFA Basics

- Quiz completed (15) Fill up all Team Sheets slots

- Start the quiz (15) Create a New Team Sheet

- Gold acquisition (15) Buy a player which is in a league above you

- Never quit (30) Play a consecutive match in Seasons

- Just for inspiration (15) Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in FIFA Ultimate Team

- Play Beautiful (60) Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch

These achievements do look typical of the ones that are awarded in FIFA 16, and interesting to note are the ones that can be achieved by the new women’s matches.

Source from:

Fifa 16 Coins – 5Mins Delivery



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Interpretation of Coins Purse Farming in the ArcheAge

archeage cheap and fast gold

There are many kinds of coinpurse in ArcheAge, of which the Jester Coin Purses is many players want to farming, checkout where to farming jester’s coinpurse in here: Easy Making ArcheAge Money – Jester’s Coinpurse and A Spot for ArcheAge Auroria Armor and Jester’s Coinpurse Farming. Knowing these places you can farming, so which / what is the best or efficient ArcheAge Class for it? offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

archeage cheap and fast gold

Sorcery + Witchcraft + Any

Any: Battlerage (Harbinger) / Defense (Cabalist) / Occultism (Demonologist) / Songcraft (Lamentor) Auramancy (Arcanist) / Archery (Stormcaster) / Shadowplay (Daggerspell) / Vitalism (Shaman)

What is the Best ArcheAge Class for Coins Purse Farming?

Wearing plate armor, Enervate + Flame Bolt = Mana Regen, and the Withcraft passive skill of Baleful Recharge can convert 2% of the damage inflicted on an enemy to mana. This build can farm for hours and never run out of mana or health.
For example, farming coin purse at rookbrne giants (single target)
Magic Circle → Flamebolt → Freezing Arrow → Flamebolt (4/5 times) → Enervate → Mudhand → Flamebolt

Of course, Primeval with meditate, Battlemage (Sorcery + Defense + Occultism), Shadowblade (Shadowplay + Battlerage + Witchcraft) and Hexblade (Battlerage + Defense + Witchcraft) class is also the best to farm coin purses fast, you can farming in rookborne all day or for hours, 200-240 mobs per hour, if you use any foods or items, it will up to 250+ kills an hour.

Believe that there still other class what you think is the best for coins purse farming to making money, so trade pack VS coin purse farming, which is the better? Depends if you like to gamble or not. Farming purse for a chance at archeum, moonlight, starlight, every 100 gives you 6-7 gold. You might get lucky and those 100 purses might be worth a lot more. Trade packs are guaranteed archeage gold, you can open 200 coin purses after an hour and get nothing if you are so bad lucky, so choose trade pack or farming coins purse is up to you. GOOD LUCK.

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Endgame Activity You Enjoyed in ArcheAge

archeage cheap and fast gold

First personal very happy that Troin do a compensation for 2 days of downtime, now all servers are available! Nice compensation of 5 days, 7500 labor and 30 loyalty coins for patrons. Amazing. OK, believe that many players already up to LV50 for a long time, I want to know what is your main activity? These activities available currently I think. What is Your Main ArcheAge Endgame Activity? offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

archeage cheap and fast gold

1. Level up to 50 for other characters.
2. Grind Hasla
3. Run GHA for armor items
4. Crafting Profession and leveling proficiency to 90K+
5. PVP 1V1 and 5V5
6. Trade Runs
7. Siege Warfare
8. Open World PVP
9. Running in circles and think of something worth doing
10. Capital city syndrome
11. Ganking reds with your build and gameplay.
12. Daily Quests
13. Fishing
14. Do things with your guild
15. Get Delph weapons and gear
16. Get a Car
17. Get the Black Pearl
18. Get an Ironclad
19. Buy a Large Farm
20. Stealing packs from the enemy faction with your friends.

Another, there is a activity to help you earn profit for beginner: build a Gally/Fishing Boat > Use Radar to find a clump of red boats close together > Travel near location > stealth > Scout a fishing boat with low protection > Kill and Steal boat > Boat despawn, Take biggest fish > Sell Fish > Profit.

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ArcheAge’s More Attention at Players and Experience

ArcheAge is to become more focused on open world content in future updates, moving away from instanced dungeon content in order to bring about better interactions and relationships between its players. offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

ArcheAge BigBoat

That’s according to XL Games’ producer Yi Kwangro and design team manager Ham YongJin, who both appear to want to infuse ArcheAge with the spirit of community and friendship. Aww.

Speaking with PCGamesN, the ArcheAge developers discussed the future of the piratical, ship-captaining MMO. In particular, they addressed the clear shift away from instanced content and towards more open world style updates.

“We believe that becoming more powerful through leveling and item farming is a means, not the end,” said Yi Kwangro. “We don’t want to focus on attaining power only, because we want the players to interact with each other and create relationships and communities that lead to lots of different, creative gameplay experiences.

“To do this, our focus will definitely be on open world contents rather than instanced contents. However, this is not to dismiss instances in any way – instances are one of many vital contents that contribute to the diversity found in the world of ArcheAge.”
Social interactions between players would appear to have landed way up on XL Games’ list of priorities as development of ArcheAge continues. Asked what they considered to be the end-game objectives of ArcheAge in its current form, the developer answered.

“MMORPGs are like another reality; it’s a fantasy world where you can do many things that you can’t in real life, but you also meet people and form relationships with them just as you do in reality. I think that playing MMORPGs is about figuring out what you want your role in this world to be, and achieving that. My personal goal is taking over a territory in Auroria with my group, then eventually establishing our own independent nation.”


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Price Ranges Changes in the FIFA 15

EA Sports have made changes to FIFA Ultimate Team in an effort to root out the coin farming that plagues the marketplace. Buy FIFA 15 Coins PS3, PS4, PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Android, IOS Service on

fifa 15 ultimate team

This includes removing access to the Transfer Market from the web and companion apps, meaning you can only access it through the console you play the game on. You can check out the full announcement and explanation at the FIFA Ultimate Team blog.
Other changes include adding price ranges, which give a set range for how much you can list a player for on the market. You can find out more about price ranges here.

With the heavy monitisation of Ultimate Team in all EA fifa 15 coins Sports games it is nice to see they are taking the threat of currency farming seriously. Why it has taken six months for this to happen, well that is another question.

Then also many players like this wonderful game online, well done as it is! Come here and have a try! All of you come to for more fifa 15 coins!

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FIFA 15 Account Trade Needed Notices

Account trade is to deliver customer a new account with defined amount of coins you ordered, generally, it takes 5-30 minutes to complete the whole process. However, to make sure you get a valid account, these are 4 points you have to know. Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Online, We are the Top-rated sellers for cheap Fut coins!

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team price ranges
1. How to Check Original Code? For security reason, when you start to login in one account, one 6 digital original code is required, and where you can find the right original code, please refer to the following methods:
For 163 mail account, read our introduction in details here:

2. Wrong input of original code should not be over 5 times. Over 5 times of wrong input of original code, your account will be blocked, so please follow the first point carefully to get the right original code. If still you can’t get the right one, after 3 times of try, then stop doing it, what you have to do is to contact us instantly, we will check and set everything right for you. We are not taking any response if you don’t follow the rule, wish you can understand it.

3. Security Answer. When we send you the new account information, one security answer is attached together with account and account password, so when login in the new account, fill the security answer we gave you, not the one you imagined. For example: If the security question is what is your Parent’s name or when is your birthday, then please don’t give your parent’s real name or your real birthday ‘s date, note that the right security answer is the one we send to you.

4. Delivery Time and amount. Generally it takes 5-30 minutes to finish the whole delivery, but sometimes due to the short stock, we may take more time to arrange the delivery, under this case, please wait patiently, we will try to send you the account as soon as we stock up or contact us for the detailed information, much appreciated. About account, we support multi-accounts delivery, if you bought one 3M coins account, we can send you three 1M accounts, this is very useful when you need coins urgently and we don’t have the amount of 3M coins right now, contact us if you agree to do this.

Thank you for your time to read this news and support for, we will try our best to make your shopping satisfied, and please feel free to contact us when you need help.

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Shards Will Come into Archeage at March

The new development roadmap has been published. The new roadmap now includes all of our stretch goals from Our next official release, Pre-alpha 2: Modding Preview will be available soon™ for testing by all Pre-alpha Admin supporters. We will host a special roundtable to discuss the specifics of player-run servers. We will let you know when it has been added to our archeage tips event schedule.

archeaga shard

In our last Community Round Table, we updated everyone on the progress of Celador. We also talked in detail about player-run servers, the resources available to harvest on Celador and we answered a ton of questions from you guys. In case you missed it, you can catch the whole thing on

Our next scheduled roundtable is on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 1:00PM EDT. Don’t forget, if you would like to participate via voice chat you can email us at by Thursday, April 9th to get an invitation and the mumble server info.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team PC Update Fixes Stability Issues

fixes stability issues

EA has released a FIFA 15 PC update to solve the issues of Ultimate Team stability. Now, Facebook, Twitter, and other official EA Sports channels all give the feedback to new update, and they indicated that update is the sooner the better.fixes March stability issues


The FIFA 15 PC update went live on March 23, and is marked as “PC-only”. So, if you have any problems with FIFA Ultimate Team on PS4, Xbox One, or older consoles, then you should leave feedback on the said channels to help speed up a fix to current issues.

This particular update was much smaller than those seen in the past, as such EA’s help pages didn’t list a long list of patch notes. The comment said, “small update that addresses stability issues”. Another comment continued to explain that feedback helps them “prioritize and identify future improvements”, so again make sure you leave that feedback no matter what platform you are playing on.

However, does the update have any efforts on stability improved? Is there any other problems with the game? Please share with us some of the feelings you used it later by leaving comment below.

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Windows And Windows Phone Be Updated By FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

new rosters and fixes

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team updated for consoles and PCs with new bug fixes, and the new Major League Soccer be Introduced with expansion clubs, Orlando City SC and New York City FC. The new features also have been added, while the mobile version of the game hasn’t introduced the new clubs yet.

new rosters and fixes

An update for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Windows and Windows Phone has just been released, and with it comes all the updated player rosters following the closure of the January transfer window for the big leagues in Europe, in addition to stability improvements to the connection of the app to EA servers.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Plus, over 30 real leagues and stadiums! Build a dream squad of footballers and put them to the test. From the English Premier League and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond reads the app description.

What are your views on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team update? share your opinion with us by leaving comment below.

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