Mu Legend Guilds System, Quest System And Four Classes

Mu Legend features includes 4 unique classes with special abilities, you can choose among those classes, War Mage, Blader, Whisperer, Dark Lord. When you are fighting with mobs, you have chance to upgrade by gaining experience as well as unlocking stronger abilities. It’s time to pick up your craft gear, and join arms with friends to take on the endless waves in the dark dungeons. It’s not hard to imagine that Mu Legend Zen is indispensable in-game.04247MU Legend features a guild system, a quest system, skill trees, and different game modes/dungeon objectives. Now, Korean fans eager for more MU Online no longer have to wait as the MU Legend Korean launch is now officially live. The announcement for the hack-and-slash MMOARPG has also hinted at the next step for the game’s Western release. More and more gamers are trying their best to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling.

Mu Legend, the latest entry in Webzen’s Mu series, Mu Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways: EXP Level, obtained by completing quests, dungeons, and defeating enemies, this levelling system automatically improves the character’s stats.

Soul Level, which acts similarly to EXP Level, except the Soul Level has its very own tree to improve stats and passive abilities, and Account Level, the sum of the Soul Levels of all the characters on the account. To learn more about MU Legend, the different classes and features of the game, visit the official website:

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