LOL US Service Test Server Update

League yesterday’s testing service for the United States serving a version update. In this update in, Riot Company Levin, Enchantress and other heroes made ​​the changes. In regard to the ultimate skin test server client file appears in a new skin, blank Udyr the original painting, but this skin also do not see the picture.

Prior to June 12 evening, the foreign release of the video broke the news that the next patch will release Udyr ultimate skin, and there will be a new skin Jie pull debut. So basically you can determine the ultimate skin will belong Beastmaster Udyr.

Today (June 14) is the future soldier Mr. Burrell’s skin to release the one year anniversary, Riot company probably in released today Deere the modelling of new skin! Considering the relations between the United States and China time difference, the ultimate skin may be released in late today. The players who want to LOL Elo Boost up the faster, please come to, you will not be disappointed!

LoL tiers 610x339 US Service Test Server Update

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