Have you ever tried WOW power leveling?

How would you level a new character in world of warcraft?

If you are a new player (and therefore have no BOA gear) that means you’ve never done the quests before. Everybody tells you (or at least they did me) “The game really begins once you’ve reached max level (which for me was level 60) and you start raiding.” Silly me believed them.

I’d go to a quest giver and actually (OMG!) read the quest. Basically all the lore is communicated via the quest line. And my guild would whine at me to “hurry up, we need more raid healers” (I was a priest in those days). If I was grouped, the rest of the group would get irritated at my slowness.

But if an NPC wanted me to go kill 60 of something, I wanted to know WHY. If I was going to go out and commit genocide on his behalf, I wanted more reason than just the assumption that he was a crazy, bloodthirsty psychopath.

So you rush through your WOW power leveling, letting much higher level guild mates “run you through dungeons for the XP and gear.” They’re killing stuff so fast it’s all you can do to loot and keep up. And then, since there’s only two of you in there, your bags get full 30 seconds into the run. So you turn off-auto loot and try to only loot the greens-or-better (if you’re an enchanter…otherwise it’s blues-or-better) and the money. And maybe some cloth if you need to level your first aid. Or all the cloth if you’re a tailor. They’re killing bosses while you’re still three rooms behind. You have NO idea what’s going on.

And you get to max level as fast as you can. And then you start raiding. Every damned night it seems. And, eventually you get to the point where you feel like it’s always “same boss, different day.” Sure, you (hopefully) progress through raids, and once in a while it’s actually interesting when you have to learn a new boss fight. But it’s the same basic thing night after night.

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