Final fantasy XIV new version is beta

Reader William can’t help but burst into celebration at the splendor of Final Fantasy XIV’s reboot: “I took this picture last week and forgot to submit it, d’oh! The transition of 1.0 characters into A Realm Reborn was so flawless that I had to take a celebratory picture. I ran all around and settled on a small area in the South Shroud. It’s good to be home again!”

Hope that the movers didn’t break your stuff in the transition! Time travel and coding overhauls can bang up the furniture something fierce, I’ve been told.

Final fantasy XIV will open beta, waiting for so long, the time is coming, let’s join together, if you want to know more about the game content and information, please click FFXIV Gil, we will provide more service makes you relaxed and happy to play games.

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