Final Fantasy XIV Haukke Manor

Haukke has the unfortunate drawback of being right below the next dungeon, which means very few people want to run it. It also has a disproportionately crazy final boss, with far too many adds that can overwhelm tanks pretty quickly. It also has charming atmosphere and some reasonable treasure for its level, and it’s the first dungeon where entering as a job rather than a class will have tangible benefits beyond stat allocation, so there’s that.

This dungeon also requires you to do a bit of marking, on the second boss if nowhere else. FFXIV Gold┬áThe first two boss fights are dull, and most of the trash is forgettable, but the final boss can spit out huge numbers of adds in short order and winds up feeling just a little disjointed. A more restrained approach might have been better here. You have to see it at least once as part of the story, but most people won’t go back.

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