Diablo3 Barbarian Monster Ancients

WW/rend is much more effective with a 2 hander, but if you want to optimize for dual wield, the usual setup is main hand EF with a marquise ruby and an offhand sword/11%IAS dagger. The sword can hit one breakpoint higher for tornado ticks while the 11%IAS dagger can hit two breakpoints. Every time you cast rend, it sets it so you swing on your mainhand next, meaning your sprint tornadoes will automatically take on the tick rate of the offhand. This is a trick to get more benefit out of the mainhand damage + offhand tick rate combo, for normal WW builds it’s much more random which tornado tick rate you’ll get.

I sometimes use my Bul-Katho’s Solemn Vow with life steal to get going. I always keep it with me as an alt weapon. It’s a mighty weapon so with Weapon Master you get extra fury and it also has a pretty high AS. I also switch over to that weapon if I’m running low on fury and want to keep it going. Diablo 3 Gold┬áIt has low damage so I can wail on mobs for a bit without them dying and good sustain with LoH and LS.

I’d say it’s easier to hit 300k DPS with passives using a skorn compared to doing it with dual wield. With dual wield, you need two extremely good weapons, with the echoing fury having high damage, crit damage and a socket, and the rare weapon having str/crit/socket/life steal with high dps. You can even opt for a non-life steal skorn if you’re skipping elites, which will cut the price of the weapon dramatically.

With that setup you can take down Elites pretty quickly with HotA and Rend. For crowds you use WW and Rend. It works pretty well. You’re not able to kill crowds as fast as you would if you had Overpower but you can take down the big mobs that are left after everything else has died with HotA. That makes a difference on Halls of Agony with the big fat guys and sometimes the trees and such in Fields.

You can do it without it using a skill slot though. Try running into just a couple monsters so you don’t have to worry about your health. Just attack them (with no fury) with your base attack and spam your Battle Rage key. Or when you get close to 20 Fury back off and do one hit at a time until you see BR can be activated. You can also start your run with Unforgiving and then switch over to a better skill once you have enough fury. I would recommend not doing that for the long term though as it takes time.

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