Diablo 3 MMORPG Social Feel

What was groundbreaking was the way World of Wacraft, and what we hope will be the same in Diablo 3, became a social experience for those who were looking for it. There was no “forced” social interactivity, and there was no forced competitiveness. Each gamer was able to play WoW in the way that they would enjoy it; there were the hardcore PvP fans, the hardcore raiding teams and even the trolls; those looking to pray on the weak in the game. But the biggest appeal was the fact that no matter what you were looking for in a game, it was available in WoW, which made the game one of the most popular games to ever come out, save for League of Legends, which is on track to have a larger audience than that of World of Warcraft. Interestingly, League of Legends is also able to appeal to the masses and allow for people to game with each other casual, competitively, or even professionally, as seen by LAN teams such as SoloMid.

One of the most fun ways to play a game online is with people you love to game with. This was made apparent with the release of the biggest Massively multi-player Online Role Playing Game in the history of computer gaming; World of Warcraft. What was interesting about WoW as opposed to the other MMO’s that have been released far before WoW, was the appeal for social gaming, or the act of engaging socially while playing a game online. There was far more emphasis on socializing than what has been around since the beginning of gaming, including popular releases such as Half Life and even Everquest, regarded as one of the founding MMO’s to our favorite genre of computer gaming. The social appeal brought in gamers that otherwise were turned off by the huge game, due to stigmas, the amount of immersion and the tendency to be socially unacceptable.

What we are hoping for in Diablo 3 Gold is the same social immersion that we were able to enjoy in World of Warcraft. People want to be able to see other gamers fighting monsters, to engage in events happening across the Diablo 3 world, and really get a sense of immersion in the hells of Diablo, which was done so well in Diablo 2. The only shortcoming of Diablo 2, however, was the absence of that massive feel that World of Wacraft did such a good job of displaying. In WoW, you always see people farming their monsters, doing the occasional dungeon, and other wise engaging with each other and making the world feel like it is always buzzing. If Diablo 3 can grow to be able to offer such immersion, we have a great chance at cracking that whip and really gathering together in what can be the greatest game to ever come out.

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