D3 Farming for Profit?

The most amusing thing in my game? I cleared Act IV in 9 minutes. Literally; I killed Azmodan at 1:02am and killed Diablo at 1:11am. I was playing solo, I did all the quests, etc. Just ran really, really fast, slowing down only to glance at what Elites dropped. This was with a Monk in full DiabloWikiTempest Rush mode: equipment giving me about 11 spirit/sec, and wearing 24% faster movement, +10% from Fleet Footed, +50% from TR: Tailwind. Fast Monk was fast.

Even with just the jewelry, I got 2 rings that DiabloWikicomp at 200-400k, and one amulet that might be worth a lot more. The comps are quite high, at any rate, though I have doubts that anyone actually pays that much for gear of that level. Perhaps someday if/when we get a proper PvP system and D2-style low level dueling puts a high price on lower level gear. But now, when it’s only useful for 10-15 levels on a reroll?

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It was kind of fun, but was it profitable? I’m not sure. I’m playing in Hardcore where there’s more (much more?) of a market for mid-level gear. I found 4 legendaries, one of which near dopplegangers listed for about 800k in the Auction House. Along with the legs I only picked up Rare Jewelry and pages of crafting, since this was more of an experiment than a serious effort. (You’d want to pick up most rare armor and rare 1H weapons as well, if you were farming this conscientiously.)

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