Blizzard Skill And The Crest System In MU Legend

In MU Legend, there are different skills and that game is hardly complex. For example, Blizzard skill, maybe you get an option to level it up to: do more damage, go from slowing enemies 20% to 60%, have a bigger AoE. Stuff like that is interesting and necessary to have a good skill system in an ARPG. Further information what you want to know, click here to get more.

MU Legend

Note, What You Need To Know

Many skills work differently
Blizzard skill, which is an AoE damage + slow, not spammable
3 kind of dashes (2 being blinks, one of which you can return, and one that drops a mana-bomb and dashes you backward)
As a comparison, the last skill you unlock as War Mage is a AoE DoT that restores mana if the target dies with the effect.
There are a couple of skills that work in different manners. There are 2 lasers, one costing less mana, dealing less damage and un-movable, and there is one that drains your mana, dealing more damage, and you can move it.

Such level ups are possible with the use of the crest system. To do so, merely level up the skill to unlock a crest slot, then equip one of the crests you possess. It’s not possible to equip crests of the same type , even if they have different rarities. You may utilize 3 crests per skill, the process being repeatable should you find more useful crests you want to equip , or just plainly want to change your build, which might make you lose the equipped crest in the procedure.

You start out with “normal” quality crests unlocked for you , and more can be acquired through other players, or dropping them yourself in dungeons/ from world mobs. They are quite hard to drop, especially the rare crests which provide the best skill addons. The benefits you can obtain from crests are very varied , ranging from magic attack increases, all the way to higher knockback effects or longer stealth durations. Seasoned gamers all highly recommend their friends to visit U4GM in order to get cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

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