Are subscriptions worth it any more?

The Daily Grind Are subscriptions worth it any more

It’s amazing to me how quickly the MMO industry (at least in the west) went from being dominated by a subscription model to adopting free-to-play nearly across the board. In just a couple of short years, the hold that subs had over us was broken and players were free to sample way more MMOs for no money down than they ever could.

It’s also amazing to me how this movement has turned my general acceptance of subscriptions into somewhat of a dealbreaker. When I went back to World of Warcraft for a 10-day free trial a few weeks ago, the looming thought that this game would require a subscription to continue deeply influenced my enjoyment of it or interest in pursuing it past those 10 days. I had to ask myself the question, “Does this MMO offer something above and beyond what I can get elsewhere for free or a one-time purchase?” And I felt like the answer was “no.”

Subs aren’t dead, of course, and they certainly have their attractive aspects (cutting through F2P red tape and getting exclusive benefits, for example). I like having the option to sub, but I no longer like being tied down by one. So what say you? Are subscriptions worth it any more?

Subscriptions generally make less money and require more work to maintain.  People expect frequent updates and high quality from a subscription based game, but don’t expect the same from a free to play.  That’s just looking at things from the developer/publisher side.  Subscription games are also less accessible to players and they become more judgemental while playing because of the mandatory investment.  I think the benefits of a subscription based MMO are the high quality, frequent updates and better community.  Free to play tends to attract a lot of foreigners and douche bags due to the nature of the beast.Click here for details WOW Gold.


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