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FIFA 15 Amazing Tips for long shot

For all of you guys that love your long shots and smashing a screamer in from distance, today is your lucky day as we’re going to compile a tutorial to cover all the basics about taking and converting long distance shots on the FIFA 15 career mode and ultimate team. All of these controls are for the classic settings on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

fifa 15 tips

Standard Long Shot
For the Xbox 360 press and hold B until just over halfway, and for the PS3 do exactly the same. These types of long shots were extremely overpowered in the previous version, but they seem to have been tweaked slightly for this years installment. Try to only execute this shot when you have a ton of space in front of you and an opposition player is at least 2 yards away from the player that you’re controlling with the ball.

The Finesse Long Shot
The finesse long shot is by far the most OP shooting technique in FIFA 14. This is where the player will put a bit of swerve on the ball and try to place it into the top or bottom corner of the goal. For the Xbox 360 hold in RB and press and hold the B button about halfway depending on your distance out and use the left-stick to place the shot into which corner you’d like.

For the PS3, hold in R1 and press and hold O until about halfway again depending on your distance out from the opposing goal. then use the left-stick to direct the shot into what corner you want it to go in.

The Dipping Long Shot
To perform the dip long shot for the Xbox 360, you need to press and hold B and hold the left-stick up for the entirety so it loops over the keeper. For the PS3, press and hold O and press the left-stick up so that it loops over the goalkeeper.


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FIFA Ultimate Coins-Making tips

fifa 15 coin-making tips

Here are some simple and basic tips and methods to earn extra FIFA 15 coins   without spending real money.

Play and Complete Matches
Playing and finishing any type of matches will bring you FUT coins earning. Don’t forget to complete the match and don’t leave the game even when you’re losing, a defeat also offers you coins as for match rewards. You can see how many coins you have earned with the details in Match Awards menu after completing a match.

You will gain coins for goals, corners, match possession percentage, shots on target, clean sheets, man of the match winner, successful tackles and pass accuracy percentage. Offsides, goal against, fouls and cards also have minus points.
Challenge Team of the Week (TOTW)
Playing against TOTW at FIFA Ultimate Team will bring you coins. If you win against an active TOTW match, you will get rewarded with from minimum 150 to 1000 bonus coins (depending on difficulty level you choose).

Here is a trick, start playing with the highest level of difficulty which is the “Ultimate”. If you couldn’t win, then go a level lower (try Legendary), if you couldn’t beath TOTW with Legendary then go for Professional and so on. This will let you earn coins until you complete the Team of the Week challenge. You should go from highest level to down because once you complete the challenge, you won’t get rewarded by beating TOTW again.

Play Seasons and Tournaments
By playing and finishing seasons and tournaments you will get rewarded. If you do a good job, meaning get promoted or win the title, depending on the level (division) you are on, you will earn a few thousand of coins. Plus, every match you play, you are rewarded too. So keep playing FUT seasons and tournament regularly and make sure you complete them no matter if you’re getting demoted.

Buy Coin Making Items from Football Club Catalogue
At EA Sports FC Catalogue you can get FUT Coin Reward Boosts which will give you additional FUT coins for your next matches. After buying FUT Coin Reward Boosts by spending FCC, it will automatically add coins to your rewards after a certain number of your next matches – the number of matches depends on the boost item you buy.

To do so, Go to Football Club at FIFA 14 main menu, then go to Catalogue > Ultimate Team. There, depends on your FCC (Football Club Credits) and the level reached, it shows you your unlocked items. Look for the “FUT Coin Reward Boosts” which has FUT coins icon. Once you move over the item, it shows the details at the right hand side, which says how many FUT coins you will get for how many matches and how many FCC you need to spend on that item. BTW, your FCC number is visible on the top right of your screen where you can find your username and your club logo when you are signed in.

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WildStar extensive guide:how rune-crafting works

Runecrafting is a core profession in WildStar that is automatically available to every player at level 15 after doing a short quest. Unlike other professions, Runecrafting does not utilize skill trees or a leveling path. By default, you can earn Runecrafting components via monster loot and salvaging items throughout the game. You can assemble these parts into runes at each faction’s major city at the Engraving Station. Runecrafting serves as a primary method for customizing the stats on your gear in this way. At later levels, there are Rune Sets available that provide set bonuses for using certain amounts of specific runecraftingAfter level 15, you’ll begin to notice that some of your gear comes with extra Rune Slots. There are 8 types of Rune Slots: Earth, Fire, Water, Omni, Air, Life, Logic, and Fusion. These types correspond to the type of elemental rune the slot will allow, with Omni allowing any of the 7 elements. The number and type of slots on your gear is completely random, even when purchased from vendors. Because of this, the power of gear can vary wildly, especially in Elder Game, allowing for opportunities to min/max your gear even if the same item drops.

Applying a rune to a rune slot is known as Engraving. To engrave a rune, you must first have an item with an open rune slot. Then, head to the Engraving Station in your capital city. When interacting with the Engraving Station, a UI window will appear with a list of the elemental rune types. wildstar-guideAfter selecting an element, a few nested lists will appear in the right area. These lists include the different types of runes you can make of that element. At lower levels, you can only make runes from the Attributes and PvP Attributes list. These runes will increase specific stats, but include no rune set bonuses. At later levels, you can create Class Rune Sets, General Rune Sets, PvP Rune Sets, and Elder Rune Sets.

Some gear you acquire will come with locked rune slots. Normally the first slot is unlocked. After filling the first slot with a rune, you can expand the dropdown on the next rune slot and choose the option to unlock it by spending some gold. Subsequent locked slots will require you to first fill the most recent unlocked one with a rune.

Notes:Runes and Runecrafting materials are used in just about all content areas of the game. They also play an integral part in the gearing process for veteran dungeons, raiding, and beyond. Because of this, Runecrafting materials are very valuable. Currently, max-level runes also require lower level rune materials. While rune materials are cumulative – that is, you will find high level and low level materials from mob looting and salvaging – it can prove difficult to gather everything you need, and in most cases a player will have to dedicate significant time and effort into hunting for these items.

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