Destiny: Due To Imperfect And Perfect

Destiny is not a perfect game. Its plot is vague, partly the result of a grand ambition to have a narrative that evolves over the next ten years, throughout the course of an entire console generation (and partly because, yeah, Bungie messed up). There are bugs, although most have been squashed by post-release patches. Some of the systems are poorly explained, perhaps the result of Bungie’s desire to keep players learning and discovering. And right now, there are only four environments, which has led many to dismiss the game as ‘limited and boring’. Yet, in spite of all these perceived faults, Destiny stands head-and-shoulders above any other game in 2014.

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I’ll tell you why I think this in a minute but first, here’s a number: 1064. That’s the total hours the GamesRadar editorial team spent playing Destiny, before The Dark Below expansion released. That’s a lot of play time for a relatively small staff. Some played for 100+ hours, and a guilty couple admit to 200+ hours. There are only a handful of games ever released that have hoovered up so much of our time as a team. And while this piece is about why I personally love Destiny, I know my sentiments are shared by many other people at GamesRadar because… well, 1064 hours!

DESTINY1 Destiny: Due To Imperfect And Perfect

Sure, time spent inside a game isn’t necessarily a measure of quality. I know so many people who have sunk hundreds of hours into Farmville and Candy Crush, and these are hardly GOTY contenders. In Destiny, the vast amount of time spent in-game doesn’t stem from resources grinding, or cynically addicting systems, as the nay-sayers would have you believe. It comes from collaboration, communication, and community. I’ve spoken to so many people within Destiny, and they all give different reasons why they’re so committed (besides just enjoying the game). They play to keep up with friends, they play because it fits their daily routine in between putting children to bed and slumping unconscious on the sofa, they play as clans to meet new people, they even play for therapy. And damn it, the community can be a truly amazing, truly generous bunch of people.

DESTINT2 Destiny: Due To Imperfect And Perfect

This social aspect elevates Destiny far beyond ‘just another shooter’. Combined with that sweet feedback loop that comes with playing the game to snag better gear and delve deeper into the game’s refined levelling system, it’s the reason why myself – and so many of my PSN friends – play for hundreds of hours. Indeed, gameplay elements like this are exactly what made legendary MMOs like World of Warcraft huge, and now Bungie has helped to open up this persistent, hyper-replayable, sociable experience to the console audience by wrapping it up in a game that’s accessible, yet great fun to play. It’s incredibly bold and forward-thinking.

DESTINY3 Destiny: Due To Imperfect And Perfect

And Destiny is an exceptional shooter. From level one to level 30 (and beyond), the action is wonderfully balanced, and a joy to play. The weapons each have a unique feel, and require different skill sets to master, while the abilities of each class combine with your loadout to make each character feel subtly unique. Being a Titan with a Pulse rifle is surprisingly different to being a Warlock with a Hand Cannon. What’s more, sub-classes strike a fine balance between offensive and defensive play, while superbly complimenting the abilities found in other classes. In other words, everything’s built on a bedrock of player cooperation and awesome shooting.


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“Destiny” Players For The New Version Of The Charging Complain

Members “destiny” of the players, if you have not bought “dark abyss” DLC, then this week’s regular weekly tasks include night mission and you must say goodbye. Bungie decided to just let the players who purchased a new DLC will be this week’s regular weekly tasks, currently we are not sure whether this is just the first week of the case, or there will be such a problem later.

Source from:

2 Destiny Players For The New Version Of The Charging Complain

The following is if you do not want to make the purchase of new DLC game week mission often give you tips.

Currently, the week is often only a week for the players to output stable strange coins task, then do not buy the DLC for the players who did so unfair. Although because of “destiny” to set the mechanism of regular weekly tasks, such a problem is because the week this week is often chosen task DLC mission leads to some players can not be, after weeks of often turn an ordinary task if so then everything will back to normal. But even so, because there is no money would not be part of the week is often still very annoying. And currently on the Bungie forums have been pan fried to denounce the behavior of developers emotionally players are angry, currently Bungie has not yet made any response on the matter, we will have a message for the first time we update reports.

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Destiny: The New Hero Struck, Come And Experience

1111111111 Destiny: The New Hero Struck, Come And Experience“Destiny,” released a new version, you want to learn more about the new version of information? Follow us instantly.

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How to Unlock the New Weekly Heroic?

Try following these steps, as they’ve worked for a few other players who have followed them:

1.First, go to the Tower and grab the initial quest piece from Eris.

2.Complete the three story quests and pick up the “Kill 25 Knights or Wizards” bounty.

3.Repeat the second DLC quest on Earth two to three times to finish it.

4.Grab the three new Patrol quests that Eris will produce.

5.Go to Earth and select ‘Patrol.’

6.Your first stop is to the right of your initial spawn. Go through the facility and past The Divide, then burn past the Rocket Yard. Act like you’re going into the Sepiks Prime strike. On your left after the first tunnel past the yard’ll find a specially marked Hive enemy.

8.Kill it and the subsequent spawns to get your first bounty.

9.Next, reload the Earth Patrol to start from the beginning.

10.Go straight ahead to the complex that was in the beta where you kill a Wizard for the first time; just go due north and up the hill into the complex. Right before the stairs to said Wizard room you’ll find a marked Thrall in the corner.

11.Kill it and the rest of the room for the second bounty. Do not reload, continue on through that area.
Finally, keep heading up that building and past the Wizard room. Go into the area with the original loot cave. Head into the big building due north (right next to the cave), and run until you get to the big open area of the Terrestrial Complex.

12.Go straight ahead into that tiny landing, steal the urn, and kill the enemies that appear.
It’s a long process, we know. If you’re wanting to unlock some of the new content before Xur visits, then you’ll want to go ahead and give them a try.

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Why Creating Shots Is Significant In FIFA 15?

It is no wonder that creating shots is an integral part of being successful at FIFA 15. In FIFA 15, it is much easier to put away mid to long distance shots than in previous versions of FIFA. I’m not talking about finishing breakaways or general 1v1s, but just deciding to shoot when the alternatives are dribbling or trying to pass someone through. Sometimes, it’s just better to go with the shot when you have a chance, but the difficulty is actually making those shots.

shooting Why  Creating Shots Is Significant In FIFA 15?

If you can free yourself some space in this area, a shot is actually pretty dangerous. Some people get too confident when they’ve made it this far and instead try to dribble or pass through, but a deflected, missed, or saved shot is a far better result than simply turning the ball over. Not to mention, if you score from this range, the goals are generally quite pretty.

The first thing to consider is the strong foot of the player you are trying to create a shot for. Let’s paint a picture: you have just made it to the top of the box with Gareth Bale. You’re going to turn back and forth dribbling until you free up his LEFT foot. Preferably, you can do this changing of direction as you are approaching the shooting zone. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s incredibly difficult to defend. You can switch direction many different times, so why not make sure you’re on his stronger foot? Most people do not realize how much of a difference it makes to shoot with a player’s strong foot. You increase power and accuracy by around 50% at least just by shooting with the preferred foot.

Another way to free up space is by using a fake shot/lobbed pass (charge up shot/lob and press A before execution) to change direction. This move is more effective than simply dribbling in a different direction because it allows for a quick, drastic change of direction. When players are lunging in at you quickly, such changes of direction can be devastating and can free you some serious space to pull off your shot.

fifa 15 robert lewandowski 1024x576 Why  Creating Shots Is Significant In FIFA 15?

If you’ve successfully freed up space for your shot, you need to gauge how much time you have. One of the most important factors in how successful your shot is in FIFA is the time spent setting up the shot. If your player is sprinting and you suddenly slam the shooting button, that is a serious deprecation in shot effectiveness. However, if you’ve drawn a defender away and have a few yards of space in front of you, take this time to lay off the sprint button and then charge up and aim your shot — taking advantage of this free time. It really does make a difference.

The final thing to consider is general aiming. From this distance, it’s much more effective to aim for the far side of the goal. It just appears to be much more difficult for the keeper to save, especially with the increased shot power in FIFA 15. If you don’t have a feel for how much you need to charge up the power bar, play around in the arena. However, this is something most players seem to catch on to pretty easily. So, as far as taking the shot goes it’s pretty simple to pull off a successful shot: aim for the far side with a decent amount of power.

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Must-Read FIFA 15 Ultimate Strategy Guide

fifa15ultimateteammobileheaderjpg148a208dc48  Must Read FIFA 15  Ultimate Strategy Guide

Defining your Mentality

It may sound silly, but one of the most helpful things you can do to improve your win-loss ratio is to simply go into games with a premeditated game mentality. This means you need to decide whether you’re going to sit back and defend and hope you might get a goal or two for the win, or if you’re just going to go for all out attack and hope whatever comes your way does not end up in the back of the net.

The best way to determine the strategy you’re going for is to by paying attention to the team you’ll be playing against. If you’re anything like most players, playing against Real Madrid is extremely difficult if you are at equal skill-level to your opponent because they have such a formidable array of attacking players such as Ronaldo, Benzema, and Di Maria, to name a few. While you may be a better player than your opponent, if you just play normally and go for goals most of the time, you’ll catch yourself being countered a lot, and the problem is that Real Madrid takes advantage of counter attacks on a regular basis.

To neutralize this advantage Real Madrid has, you can play with a very defensive mentality. Don’t be so quick to play balls through the midfield and advance your team forward. Pass the ball around a bit almost aimlessly in safe regions — cement your possession when you have it and pounce on an opportunity only if it presents itself. Forcing an attack almost creates a counter attack for a team like Real Madrid, so the main theme here is to just simply calm down and play a more laid-back passing game. Defensively, you need to be very sharp. To make things easier, you can use D-pad controls to make your team play defensively (hit all the way to the left to ‘Ultra Defensive’) and provide more of a challenge for oncoming Real Madrid forwards.

This also naturally makes your team sit back more, as they can collectively absorb pressure as it comes and they will naturally be caught on a dangerous counter less often. However, you may question why one would want to play so defensively when the only way to win a game is by scoring goals. The answer is that playing like this does not make it impossible to score goals, it just requires you to approach scoring differently. Again, you can pass the ball around safely while you have it, but obviously look to pass forward up the field when you can and advance towards the goal slowly. If you are patient, you will find yourself with decent attacking numbers in the final third and then you can proceed with your attack as you normally would, it just might take a bit longer for you to get to this stage. Overall though, you benefit from this kind of Defensive Mentality when playing against teams who are very offensively strong and might trouble you.

FIFA Ultimate Team 1024x576  Must Read FIFA 15  Ultimate Strategy Guide

On the converse, there are a multitude of scenarios in which you may choose to play with an Attacking Mentality and opt to be more aggressive with your possession down the field and advances on goal. One of which is when you are playing against a team that does not boast much of an attacking threat — you won’t be losing much by playing a more attacking style. You can take advantage of this mismatch by piling offensive players on their defensive line which will in turn create more chances. You also might want to employ this kind of attacking mentality when you feel you can really take advantage of a particularly weak or slow offense. They say that “offense is the best defense” and this can prove particularly true in FIFA 14. At the end of the day, the team with the most goals is victorious, so why not just try to outscore your opponent if you feel he has a weak back line.

If you’re going to play with an attacking mentality, you can again use the D-pad to supplement this. When playing Ultra Attacking, all of your players will just play a higher line and your team will play further up the pitch. From experience, I can say that this also causes your team to move forward on advances up the field (normally or by counter) much faster, allowing you to string together much quicker attacks.

Understanding your Opponent

This is another one of those sections which might seem completely useless, but trust me, if you try to think like this when you play FIFA 14, you will be very surprised with the edge it can give you over your opponent.
When you first begin playing with someone, you need to pay attention to how they approach certain situations in order to defend well against them. You need to specifically note which direction they turn when there is a defender on their back and the ball is coming to them, whether or not they cut inside when they have a player dribbling down the wing, etc. Of course, they won’t always do the exact same thing, but it can help to know what they are most likely to do in a situation. It’s always better than guessing.

What’s interesting is that many players do not switch up how they approach these pivotal scenarios in a game. Some players always look to cut inside for a shot just outside the box with a player like Robben or Hazard, so you simply position your defender to the inside and note where your backup is if he gets past him. It then becomes rather simple: as soon as he begins to make it past your first defender, switch quickly and steal the ball away with the inside defender before he can react. If you were not constantly analyzing what he’s going to do, you would be caught off guard as you’re just rolling with the punches as they come. You may have been unable to react with the second player and he’d get a shot off.

Paying attention to more simple scenarios such as which direction a player tends to turn can also be to your advantage. Again, he may not always go those directions, but it’s funny how people tend to do the same thing over and over in a game like FIFA. People get comfortable with what they have seen work in the past and always just opt to go with that again. Similarly, people defend the same direction over and over, but you can beat the cycle by predicting based on previous attempts.

Making Substitutions
In reality, FIFA players have so much energy that you don’t really need to make all that many substitutions. What I’m saying is that theoretically, your team should last for pretty much the whole game and they won’t show any kind of tiredness or anything. Your players can get tired, but it definitely doesn’t play all that much of a part in the overall success of your team and it certainly isn’t all that noticeable.

Substitutions can be, however, very important to your success. If you notice that your winger is not taking advantage of a particularly weak/slow fullback, then you may want to sub him off for a much faster, albeit maybe slower winger to take his place. If your forward is just not strong enough to win anything in the air against big center forwards, then you might want to consider getting someone else in his position.

banner 314169836692  Must Read FIFA 15  Ultimate Strategy Guide

It’s all about just evaluating positions and really just seeing who is underperforming. In this lies one of the biggest benefits of knowing the team you’re playing with or simply bringing real football knowledge with you when you play soccer. Many teams will feature players who play the same position but are fundamentally different in style. There is no situation where the are both equally effective — one player will be more successful against certain types of defenders than the other. Obviously, you should try to recognize this when you are picking teams and not when you are making substitutions, but this is where substitutions can be used to rectify your mistakes in this area.

Buying Coins
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FIFA 15 Newbies Must Take Notice to These Exclusive Tricks

FIFA 15 Sterling 1280 1024x656 FIFA 15 Newbies Must Take Notice to These Exclusive Tricks

Every year, there are changes to the FIFA game series as EA Sports tries to reinvent the wheel. Some of those improvements are fantastic—some are steps backwards. Each year, those changes, good and bad, impact gameplay, and make some strategies and techniques better than others.

Whether you are new to the FIFA franchise altogether, or you simply are new to FIFA 15, you’re at something of an advantage, because there is now an abundance of advice out there from people who have been playing the game since its September 23rd release.Here are some of the best tips and tricks we’ve found for FIFA 15:

1. Shoot on sight instead of attempting to walk the ball into the net. You will likely have better success. Shooting mechanics are more varied than they were last year, and the finesse shot has been upgraded (though not to what it was in FIFA 13). Don’t hesitate, though, or you will often miss your window.

2. Figure out your strengths and run with them. Once you know what you are good at, it is easy to pick teams and players who fit with the strategies you find most intuitive. FIFA 15 provides more tools than ever for testing different team setups and strategies, so it is easier than ever before to figure out what works for you. Once you find that out and select the right team and set up ideal squads, you are well on your way to success.

3. Change up your tactics regularly. It is tempting to find a strategy which works and stick with it, but do not forget that the AI players do learn over time. If you stay predictable, they will eventually get the better of your players. So switch up your strategies often enough to prevent this from happening.

banner 314169836691 FIFA 15 Newbies Must Take Notice to These Exclusive Tricks

4. Don’t overdo it with sprinting. Sprinting is powerful and awesome, but it is also a tempting shortcut that is not going to deliver over the long run as a strategy all by itself. Why? Because you will lose control of the ball, and often at the worst possible moments. Not only that, but player fatigue is actually a concern in FIFA 15, and you do not want to wear out your team.

5. Take advantage of passing. FIFA 15 is perfect for using passing triangles to the best possible effect; the AI really excel at it. On top of that, it is a strategy that is overlooked by a lot of gamers, especially those who do not actually watch football. So combine passing and sprinting in an intelligent fashion and watch your wins stack up.

6. Take advantage of the training ground. A lot of gamers will be tempted to leap right into one of the numerous game modes in FIFA 15 for competitive play instead of checking out the training mode, but it is such a great feature! The more time you spend in this mode, the more of an advantage you are giving yourself over your opponents in multiplayer.

7. Focus on team chemistry when you are playing Ultimate Team mode. Ultimate Team is undeniably one of the most enjoyable aspects of FIFA 15, and this year they have made a ton of improvements to it so it is better than ever. One of the best things you can do is become an expert on player chemistry ratings (easy to understand through the color-coded red, orange, and green lines). What is cool about this is that it encourages realistic team building that actually makes sense. Instead of simply putting together a bunch of big names and being able to expect an easy win, you have to actually put teammates together who will work together for success.

8. Learn the trick system, in particular the foot roll and double touch. These great moves are simple but can give you exactly what you are looking for when you need a couple of extra yards. These tricks are an excellent way to get around defenders with ease.

1417504107 FIFA 15 Dribbling FIFA 15 Newbies Must Take Notice to These Exclusive Tricks

9. Sign youth players in career mode. I think we can all agree that career mode remains one of the biggest weaknesses in FIFA 15, and could still use a lot of work, but there has been at least one positive change this year. And that’s the addition of some incredible youth players. These players don’t have a huge amount of training and experience, but you can grow them into amazing players within a few seasons. One great thing about this is that you do not have to pay a lot or risk much for these players, and the payoff can be enormous. Their potential is virtually unlimited, and their long-term value (both on the transfer market and on the field) cannot be overestimated. You will fee a great sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that you brought them so far.

10. Take advantage of the EASFC catalogue. One way you can get a leg up as a beginner in FIFA 15 is to purchase smart rewards from the catalogue as you start to unlock them. You can transfer these rewards between gamers too, so they make a fun prize for a competition between friends.

11.Choose a reliable store to buy fifa 15 coins. Keep in mind that the price should be reasonable and with refund guarantee. Here we introduce a store with high reputation—UTfifa15coins. It has a group of professional customer service team who work 24/7. All of them are friendly and skillful, they can offer you the best service.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of FIFA 15? What strategies are working out for you?

Contact us at: UTfifa15coins.

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What ‘s New For Destiny’s Dark Below DLC ?

This week, Bungie has released a video trailer The Dark Below. In the video,we find that The Dark Below adds Strikes, Raid and Crucible maps. We urgently look forward to these new additions. Let’s learn about what is new for Destiny’s Dark Below DLC?

2f4673de1b957bc70e12d7d84fb0ae4a6bd9f79a.jpg  846x0 q80 What s New For Destinys Dark Below DLC ?

Embrace the darkness, brace yourself: the first proper piece of Destiny DLC is due on December 9. Bungie has released a video teasing The Dark Below (watch it below), which centres on the Hive’s attempt to resurrect an ancient god called Crota. Yeah, he’s referenced quite a bit in the main campaign.

How do you get hold of the DlC? The Destiny Expansion Pass, which sells separately, or as part of the game’s various special editions, unlocks access to the game’s first two planned expansions: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Are you ready for it?

Check out our extensive guides to make sure your Guardian is prepared… And click through to the next slide to learn all you need to know about the DLC.

See more introduction of Destiny The Dark Below at:

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Introduce about the fifa15 companion app

fifa 15 in stores banner 656x369 Introduce about the fifa15 companion app

Can you believe that there has been less news concerning FIFA 15 than one would possibly expect? FIFA 15 launched a couple of weeks prior PES 15, and also the reviews were pretty smart for the sport. The laptop version didn’t score fine as a result of it absolutely was buggier than several reviewers expected.

The latest news concerning the sport really comes from a true life football match. Jimmy Briand, United Nations agency plays for Hanover ninety six, celebrated his 1st goal within the Bundesliga by doing a ‘Dead Fish’ celebration. He says that he planned his celebration beforehand, that was a promise to a fan. He told his friend that if he scored, he would celebrate similar to that, and planned the complete ordeal whereas taking part in FIFA 15 together with his friend. there’s conjointly a FIFA 15 Companion app for Windows Phone.

The app is free and permits you to manage your final Team whereas you’re aloof from your PS4 or Xbox One. you have got to be connected to Associate in Nursing Origin account to use the app, however many of us ar excited to possess magnified practicality whereas they’re aloof from their console. Of course, you’ll be able to conjointly get player packs and get and sell players on your team.

The Ultimate Team game mode has been an enormous deal for the FIFA series. It helps you to get packs of players to form your own final football team. It’s one in all the explanations why FIFA has overtaken PES for therefore a few years. PES merely didn’t have the same game mode for a moment. Despite PES 15 having higher initial reviews than FIFA 15, the sport remains massively popular real-life football players like Briand
repetition celebrations from the sport.

FIFA 15 is understood to be simple to play, however onerous to master, whereas still not being an excellent realistic football game. Ea has aforesaid within the past that they require FIFA 15 to be fun 1st and foremost, which they have to form positive that players will acquire and play the sport. FIFA 15 intercalary a replacement feature to the last word Team game mode that lets players sign loan players for a couple of games at a time. Players also can produce dream squads of players. There ar mobile versions of the sport too, additionally to the companion app. But, the mobile versions solely feature final Team and not the complete FIFA 15.Sure enough,only you have adequate fifa15 coins,you can play games more freedom and jolly.

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FIFA15 on IOS has had an update

fifa 15 FIFA15 on IOS has had an update

Do you know the update in FIFA15 ?FIFA 15 on iOS has had an update, to take part in the current (RED) Apple promotion for Aids. The update includes an exclusive pack, the proceeds of which will all be contributed to Apple’s appeal, and a limited time tournament with TOTW Marquez as a prize. The pack is a hefty 50k, 12 Players, all rare golds.

This is an iOS promotion, so the Android version of the game has not been updated. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, you can find it on the app store.By the way,don’t forget to prepare enough fifa15 coins.

Here are some comments from users:

Tournament itself is a piss take i always lose having 10-20 shots a game and the CPU has 1 and they win either way i just picked it the IF up for 2k

It is actually not an inform; it just appears next to your rare-gold 80 rated players in your club and not next to your informs.I hope this info helps

i found my Marquez IF as a new item on the Transfer market section, takes some time to appear, and some people are selling him under 6000 coins

That stupid tutorial screen on the transfer market that keeps showing, and why they change the buttons order? its stupid and annoying! thats not the why to ask me to help people

Except the tournament is broken and you do not actually receive the IF Marquez which is supposed to be the prize. One good thing is the 50k packs are only 500 FIFA points and not 1000 as they usually are.

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If this your first time to playing fifa15?

 If this your first time to playing fifa15?

Have you ever play fifa15?If you are a new players,you may find these tips on scoring goals, converting penalties, and choosing formations helpful. If you’re a veteran, you can find the players you should be targeting in career mode. Keep reading to take your first steps into the beautiful game.

Dos and Don’ts of Scoring Goals in FIFA 15
DO: Look for through ball opportunities: When you have the ball at midfield or in the box, keep an eye on your striker. If they suddenly break forward, this is usually your cue to press Triangle/Y to fire a through pass forward to get your attacker in on goal.

DON’T: Fire shots from outside the box: It used to be fairly easy to score from outside the box with power shots, but now the goalkeeper is much smarter and will probably see it coming in. You’re better served kicking it out to the wing or looking for a through ball opportunity.

DO: Aim for the back corner of the net: When you’re coming in on the goalkeeper, don’t just shoot. Instead, hold up or down on the left analog stick and aim for the back corner of the net. Think of it as a diagonal line from your foot to the back of the net. You will have far more success finishing goals if you take this approach.

DO: Cross in the ball: If you’re outside the box and you a few of your guys waiting up front, it can be benefit to loop an aerial pass into traffic from the wing and hope that your player can head it in. If they can’t, there’s a chance that the ball will carome around enough that someone will get hold of it and put it away.

DON’T: Try to carry the ball in by yourself: A common mistake by newcomers is to try and dodge five defenders with one player while making a run to goal. If the box is crowded, that means that there’s room elsewhere. Kick it out to the wing, or look for an attacker coming in from behind. If you try to weave it through the entire defense, you will probably get tackled and find the ball going the other way.

DO: Put your best players in position to succeed: Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your preferred team and play to their strengths. A big, strong striker like Everton’s Romelu Lukaku probably won’t outrun the defense, but he’s very good at winning headers and outmuscling defenders as a target man. Conversely, use Messi’s amazing dribbling to your advantage and hit him with low crosses and through passes. Use the new Tactics functionality to designate roles such as Target Man for your attackers so they’ll be in the right place at the right time.

DON’T: Take needless risks with possession: Take what the defense is giving you. If they are defending deep, don’t lob in deep passes and through balls. Instead, play a little tiki-taka and patiently work the ball up the field with short passes alternating between the sideline and midfield. Be ready to seize opportunities when they appear, but be smart with the ball. Pass quickly and efficiently and wait for holes to open up in the opposing defense.

DO: Use your substitutes: When you’re in the middle of a tense online game, it can be easy to forget about the guys on your bench. Your playmakers will eventually get tired though, and their performance will begin to decline. Sometimes the best way to get a crucial goal when you need it is to have a trump card stashed on the bench who can come in at just the right moment.

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